ControlLogix USB Driver

I’ve gotten several questions about how to connect to the ControlLogix L7x processors using a USB Cable using RSLinx Classic.

The L7x series processors do not have the standard serial port that the other processors have had in the past…  Instead, you just use a USB Cable (A-Male to B-Male) such as you would find for a standard printer.

1)  Verify you have RSLinx Classic 2.57 or higher installed.

2)  Connect your cable from your workstation to your processor.

3)  If this is the first time you’ve connected to this type of processor, the windows driver installation wizard will appear.  Just choose to install the software automatically.

4)  Open RSLinx Classic

5)  Under the Communications menu, choose RSWHO.

6)  Click the + next to the USB driver, and an icon of your processor will appear to verify that you are connected.

Note:  You do not need to configure the USB driver within RSLinx!!!!  It will appear automatically.

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