RSLinx Backup Restore Utility

The RSLinx Backup Restore Utility will allow you to easily backup your driver configuration.  There are several reasons, you may want to use this utility…  Remember, you may have several drivers configured with many IP Addresses or Host Names under each driver.

A)  If you get a new laptop into your shop, you may want to backup the drivers on the old laptop to a USB drive.  Then you can restore the driver configuration to your new laptop.

B)  Drivers are very easy to delete.  If you had many IP Addresses under a particular driver, and it is deleted, this utility can save you a lot of time and a lot of research if you had the driver configuration previously backed up.

C)  Maybe you suspect a problem with a corrupt system, and need to re-image your workstation.  You will want to be sure your drivers are backed up, so they can be restored after the re-image operation is complete.

D) If you have problems communicating with a certain processor or other equipment, once you have a known configuration, you can back up the known configuration that works with that equipment, and the next time you need to communicate, you can restore the configuration to a known state that works with that processor.

Please understand that this is a separate utility from the RSLinx communication server itself.

1) To access the Backup Restore Utility, click Start | All Programs | Rockwell Software | RSLinx | Backup Restore Utility.


2)  Choose “Backup” to back up your current driver configuration, then you will be prompted where to save the file.  Choose your location, and file name, then press “Save”.


Your backup is now complete.  It’s also a good idea to save your backup onto your server, or a USB drive in case your workstation ever fails!

To restore the configuration, just open the Backup Restore Utility, and hit the “Restore” button….  Browse to your backup file, and your drivers will be restored to the state of when the backup was made.

Note:  RSLinx must close and re-open to restore drivers.   The utility will warn you of this.

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