Configuring the DF1 RS232 Driver in RSLinx

The RSLinx DF1 Driver can be used for point to point communication between your workstation and an Enhaced PLC-5 Processor, SLC 5/03 or higher, or ControlLogix L6x or lower processor.   This document assumes that Channel 0 of your processor has been left to factory defaults (DF1, RS232)

1)  First connect your Null Modem cable between your workstation and your processor.  You will need to know which COM port you are connected to.  You can get this information from your Device Manager in Windows.  If your COM port is built into your workstation, this will usually be COM 1, but if you have a USB to serial adapter, simply plug in the adapter with Device Manager open (and PORTS expanded), and it will be easy to see which new COM port is added when you plug in your adapter.

2)  Open RSLinx Communication Server.  RSlinx must first be set up before communication to your processor is possible.

3)  Click on “Communication” from the menubar, and choose “Configure Drivers”

4)  From the “Available Driver Types” pull down menu, choose RS232, DF1 Devices, then hit “Add New”.

5)  For this example, the name can be left at default.  Press “OK”.

6)  Be sure to choose your COM port that you found in Step 1.  The communication parameters can be entered manually, but if you are connected to the processor with your NULL modem cable, simply press the “Auto-Configure” button.  RSLinx will test the processor for different baud rates, and other settings, until it finds a setting it gets a response on.  You will get a message that the autoconfiguration was successful.  If you received a message that the autoconfiguration has failed, be sure that you have the correct cable, the processor is powered on, Channel 0 is at factory default setting (DF1), and the correct COM port has been selected, then try the Auto-Confugure button again.

7)  You will now see the driver is running.  Close the driver configuration screen.

8)  Now lets, verify communication by opening the RSWho Screen within RSLinx.  This can be found under the “Communication” menu, or you can hit the RSWho Icon on the standard toolbar.

9) Click your DF1 Driver on the left side of the RSWho Screen.  The devices you are communicating with will appear on the right.


To go Online with the processor, you must go to RSLogix at this point